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Align People With Culture

Three Generations

For better or worse, many of the most fundamental challenges that confront the family business are psychological in nature. The "family-owned" dimension, however, creates a multiplier effect on the psychological challenges that confront the head of a family business. Practical, but potent, solutions are required to managed for longevity.

1. Solidify Family Commitment to the Business
Creating and perpetuating family-business Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Building a culture that creates a satisfying, high-performance work environment.

2. Striving for Goals, Not Power Control

Developing productive teams by adopting effective communication techniques, conflict resolution, influencing skills, and mastering change to produce strategic renewal of the business.

3. Succession Planning

Building the family bench-strength and steering leadership transitions. Facilitating family meetings for conflict resolution, relationship fix-its and promoting familial harmony.

4. High-Impact Coaching Promoting Familial Harmony

Coaching for career development, success, and satisfaction to accelerate the development (and maturation) of key family members. Derailment prevention for addressing the "Sudden Wealth Syndrome." 

The Good News

  • Shared Vision, Values, and Traditions

  • Receptivity to Learning, Growth, and Change

  • Mutual Admiration and Relationship Enhancement

  • Managed Conflicts

  • Being Present and Maintaining Familial Boundaries

  • Open Demonstration of Empathy 

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