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Acquire Superior Talents

Every new hire will ultimately contribute either to moving your business forward or to holding it back. The acquisition of intellectual capital has quickly become the primary competitive advantage.


So, why not exploit the most advanced technology available for selecting the strongest candidates and for avoiding costly selection errors?

Hire by Design, Not Chemistry


We identify the job's critical success factors and understand who succeeds and who fails in the role.

Candidates spend two to three hours in a structured life-career interview with a consulting psychologist.

Candidates complete assessments on verbal skills, numeracy, and critical thinking abilities. 

Candidates complete assessments that generate insights into goodness-of-fit issues such as thinking style, motivators, emotional maturity, work style, interpersonal orientation, and influence style.





In a Meeting

You'll Have

  • Career Outlook

  • Cognitive Abilities and Uses

  • Work Style

  • Emotional Style

  • Interpersonal Factors

  • Leadership Style

  • Graphic Personality Profile

  • Topics for Special Consideration 

  • Specific Follow-Up Interview Questions

  • Ability to Produce a Development Report

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