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Develop Leadership

Our group-based leadership development is a strategically targeted, intensive, small group leadership development solution that produces remarkable results. Participants discover the fundamental synergy between personal and professional goal setting, each being mutually interdependent and enhancing of the other.  

The design is built on principles of adult learning theory and action learning theory. A certain structure and regimen are built into the delivery, but the process is anything but linear. The following components are fundamental and core to the strength of our design.

Assessment & Feedback

Participants receive a rigorous leadership style assessment that creates a provocative "data mirror," and thus creates a compelling wake-up call and a personal call to action.


Leadership expectations will be identified and each participant's performance and goals will be compared against them. 

Refining Attitudes and Unleashing Potential

Our consultants use powerful motivational techniques designed to harness each participant's own reservoir of untapped potential. And, because attitudes drive behaviors, emphasis is placed on cultivating personal ownership and initiative as the drivers of individual efficacy.

Multiplied Thinking 

Penetrating questions from colleagues generate innovative thinking, creative yet practical solutions, and enhanced learning. This process gets participants to understand the inter-dependability of each member's job and can lead to startling results.

Ready? And...Action!

It's all about tackling real problems and challenges: Participants confront work-related issues and deal with significant real-work challenges in real-time.

Apply, Discuss, Refine, Repeat

Onsite work sessions are held every few weeks. Participants report on their ongoing action initiatives and solicit feedback from the group. Repeating this pattern over time, combined with seeing results that matter, are what solidify participants' growing effectiveness as leaders.

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