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Align People With Culture

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The best way to cope with the future is to invent it. Once scripted in full detail, the envisioned future is then significantly more likely to be achieved than if left to its own devices. What we’re talking about here is developing the organization's Mission, Vision, and Core Values.


It's not a cognitive and conceptual exercise to develop a deeply felt sense of purpose, or a truly seductive view of tomorrow's opportunities. Yet, this is how most organizations treat it, unfortunately.


When done correctly, organizations will operate in the realm of emotion and action. A lot more challenging, exciting, and effective...and not of the faint of heart!

Getting The Soft and Squishy Right

Honor the Past

A historical business analysis capturing the organization's most notable moments that acted as key drivers for success.

Gaze into the Future

Centered on external factors that when properly anticipated can propel the organization in the direction of the Vision.

Capabilities and Gaps

Uncover a series of key performance metrics  and core capabilities related to customers, business processes, people and culture, and financial indicators.

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