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Align People With Culture

Our approach to building a high-performance organization that is both value- and values-driven incorporates the critical techniques required to address the fundamental psychological challenges that block organizations. It's only by taking control of the culture that organizations are able to achieve a truly sustainable competitive advantage.


Changing an organization—changing a human system—is, at its heart, a process of finding and then using sources of organizational leverage. From the very beginning of the change process—the Discovery Phase—to the final step in the cycle—the Refinement Phase. Mastering the change process is about identifying an array of leverage points (organizational levers) and then taking advance of these levers' multiplier effects. What follows is an overview of the leveraging process, as we practice it in our work, for shifting or redesigning an organization's culture, social architecture, and people practices.

1. Discover & Sign On

Make an airtight case for change; create a sense of urgency and a must-change mindset. Generate maximum motivation and energy in the leadership team. Top leaders are prepared to plot the course, sell it, and deploy resources.

2. Strategize & Align

Create a bold Mission, Vision and Values. Create the blueprint for a high-performance organization. Build consensus and commitment throughout the entire organization by rallying the troops, aligning leadership behavior, and inviting broad participation.

3. Implement & Refine

Launch a broad array of initiatives capitalizing and exploiting every possible organizational lever. Continually test and rework the change process. Create a learning organization.

Business Impacts

  • Accelerated Learning Curve

  • Enhanced Morale and Satisfaction

  • Committed and Retained Workforce

  • Energized Workforce

  • Clear Line-of-Site

  • Synchronized Execution

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