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Align People With Culture

The best way to begin aligning People with Culture is to first understand what is important to the current team as it relates to the future of the organization. 


Most leaders that fail to achieve their vision do so because they lack a realistic picture of where they are to begin with.


Understanding as an organization what your strengths are, how to build on them, what your weaknesses are, how to correct or compensate for them is the critical first step. By this we mean, conducting an Organizational Assessment. 


Thoughts, Feelings, and Viewpoints

We begin by listening attentively to leadership to identify the scope. Then with that powerful information in hand, we can more reliably and astutely target high-impact opportunities.

Our consulting team conducts one-on-one interviews with leadership and key team members. Interviewees open up and discuss thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints that they've rarely if ever articulated. 

Our findings are compiled into a thematic report, where the individual stories unfold. The verbatim and unattributed responses are compiled highlighting different perspectives. The interview data speak for themselves and become the "expert." 

Our consultants methodically comb through the Report together with the team to uncover the perspectives that open up all sorts of vistas leading to creative, innovative, and visionary opportunities for the organization.





What You'llHave Built

  • Consensus around the most important themes

  • Outlines of a future Mission, Vision, and Core Values for the organization

  • Buy-in that aligns with a process to engage in the task of crafting a strategic plan and a roadmap in building the future organization

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