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Case Study: Preventing a High-Potential Female Leader from Leaving

Updated: Feb 15, 2023


  • A fast-track executive was dissatisfied with her career path and was close to exiting.

  • Her boss was distressed when he learned that the company may lose her.

  • Her boss strongly recommended coaching, and then they'd let the chips fall where they may, once the Candidate went through the entire process.


  • An in-depth coaching process ensued.

  • The Candidate immersed herself in a comprehensive discovery process.

  • The Coaching identified the sources of her career path dissatisfaction (she had been selling herself short). She also acknowledged a blind spot that, if it had gone unattended, almost certainly would have either stalled her career or derailed it.


  • In collaboration with management, the Candidate set and then achieved a major “stretch goal.”

  • Achieving this stretch goal reoriented her career path and re-energized her.

  • She did an exemplary job of addressing her counter-productive tendencies.

  • This high-potential leader remained with the corporation and has become a role model for the organization.

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