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Case Study: A Multi-Faceted Entertainment Company

Updated: Feb 15, 2023


  • A privately‐held company that was newly acquired by a Fortune 500 company

  • A new president who rose through the ranks of the target company

  • A traditional management culture (a.k.a. a command‐and‐control style)

  • US$0.5B annual gross revenues. 5,000 employees. Three major operations divisions.


  • Create high‐performance people practices

  • Build leadership competencies and bench strength

  • Ready the organization for a dramatically heightened competitive environment

  • Become employer‐of‐choice in, what was for them, a newly competitive environment

  • Become a premiere entertainment destination

Blueprint for Achievements

Phase I: Discovery

  • Organizational Audit, Organizational Survey, and 80 interviews

  • Competitive analysis

  • Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

Phase II: Leadership Signs On

  • Debriefed Leadership Cabinet as a group

  • Then a debrief of each Divisional leader by CEO, VP of HR, & tGCP

  • Gap Analysis conducted for each Division

Phase III: Development of Change Strategy

  • Cabinet retreats: Vision, Mission, and Core Values

  • Strategic Business Plan crafted

  • Organizational Performance Scorecard designed

  • Each Division devised a roll‐out strategy

Phase IV: Alignment of the Organization

  • One‐on‐one coaching of top three levels of management re: “walking the values”

  • Executives debriefed the entire organization

  • Summary of Strategic Plan distributed to 5,000 employees

  • Multiple Response Initiative Teams (RITs) formed to own/execute various parts of the roll‐out strategy

  • Built dozens of new communication channels

Phase V: Implementation, Integration, and Coordination

  • Institute Succession Planning and Development Initiate Upward Evaluation process for supervisors/managers

  • Form cross‐functional Marketing Team

  • Form Customer Service Task Force

  • Deliver Customer Service Training to the entire company

  • Implement Mystery Customer Study

  • Refine compensation system

  • Launch RITs: One Division identifies 27 key action items

Phase VI: Consolidation, Evaluation, and Refinement

  • Maintain high‐level of feedback: 360°, upward evaluations, customer data, repeat employee survey, etc.

  • Monitor Organizational Performance Scorecard progress

  • Continually improve: Came online during the second year—mentoring program, daycare center, company store, enhanced recruiting selection protocols, Customer Service II, etc.

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