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  • Mariana Rojdev

Waltzing to the Symphony of Strategy

Composing a strategy, so finely engineered,

A process, intricate, from perspectives revered.

Reversing the gears, with wisdom and might,

Choreographing the future, a visionary's delight.

From one stance, analyze and see,

The best way forward, to design what will be.

Shaping tomorrow's path, strong and bold,

No more at the mercy of the stories already told.

Once scripted, with precision and grace,

The future becomes attainable, in this evolving space.

Envisioned in detail, dreams brought to write,

The path for success shines ever so bright.

For the ill-prepared, the future will sway,

A random walk, chaotic, leading astray.

But with a strategy, meticulously prepared,

emerges, a solution newly declared.

With dreams of a future, scripted and clear,

Together we'll shape it, banishing all fear.

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