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John-Luke McCord, PhD
Senior Consultant, Organizational Development

Evidence-based and data-driven decision making are vital to allow top organizations to flourish. With a breadth of research experience in organizational psychology, Dr. McCord recognizes the value of continuous immersion and application of up-to-date literature and studies in the field of psychology.

Dr. McCord, a Senior Consultant at Xecutive Metrix, plays an integral part in all our client solutions. He designs direction and content for executing large-scale strategic changes, develops and facilitates the execution of customized development for individuals and teams, and utilizes the most current methods and technologies for assessing individuals and organizations in contexts such as selection, development, culture change, alignment, and ultimately high performance.

Prior to joining Xecutive Metrix, Dr. McCord devoted his time to his research which included investigating how risk-taking at work influences career achievement and income growth, examining how employee motivation fluctuates over time, and conducting seminal work in exploring alternative ways of approaching personality assessment to boost engagement. Dr. McCord continues to remain diligent in current research to continuously improve the effectiveness of our solutions and the care we deliver to our clients.


Driven by passion for the clients we serve, teamwork, and performance excellence, Dr. McCord utilizes innovative practices, in our clients' ever-changing business environments, to enable leadership to perform at the highest level.

Relevant Leadership Experiences

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Tuenti, Co., Madrid, Spain


EQ-i2.0, Multi-Health Systems Inc., Toronto, ON 2020 

EQ360, Multi-Health Systems Inc., Toronto, ON 2020

Hogan Assessment, Tulsa, OK 2020

Hogan Advanced Feedback, Tulsa, OK 2020

Microsoft Office Suite Specialist, Charlotte, NC 2019


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, Doctor of Philosophy, 2022

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, Master of Arts, 2016

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, Bachelor of Science, 2011


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