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Masterful Leadership Model

The Levers of Masterful Leadership

The Xecutive Metrix Masterful Leadership Model, three levers that differentiate ordinary leadership from masterful, architects the foundation for the Xecutive Metrix development solutions.


Have: Tools a Masterful Leader Must Possess

Purpose: While ordinary leaders revel in their present and past successes, masterful leaders remain obsessed with the future and how their organizations may flourish. This perspective defines the purpose and the path for the organization via an inspiring Vision, an engaging Mission and clearly defined Core Values.

People: Unequivocally, masterful leaders possess an almost fanatical compulsion to build the organization’s talent infrastructure—a community of individuals, each expert in their job and capable of leading or collaborating to achieve objectives furthering the Purpose.

Plan: With their carefully selected people, masterful leaders craft a well defined Strategic plan for a better future. Intimately aligned to the organization’s Purpose, this blueprint for action provides clarity on what it will take to advance toward their ideal destination.

Performance: Masterful leaders know that culture is the ultimate competitive advantage—surpassing the most elegantly crafted strategy or even lofty financial superiority. A masterful leader provides a unifying force, common goals, and performance standards that highlight everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and affords transparency across the organization.

Be: Raw Ingredients to Be a Masterful Leader

Principled Visionary: Masterful leaders possess an extraordinary sense of self-confidence, perceive the world as full of opportunities and regard others as capable and eager. Their actions remain guided by a distinct set of fundamental principles—independent thinking, integrity, honesty, justice, productivity and pride.

Passionate: Masterful leaders must be Prime Movers, whose roles demand the initiation of original action. Their dissatisfaction with the status quo excites their passion, fuels their impatience for progress and inspires their relentless motivation to drive organizational change.

Persuasive: Masterful leaders hold an unflinching belief in themselves and in their ability to lead people. This propels them to persuade others to join in the pursuit of the organization’s Purpose.

Persistent: Masterful leaders must overcome seemingly unconquerable challenges in the pursuit of the Purpose. Their profound belief in the Vision and Mission and in themselves provides the wellspring of confidence that powers the constancy of their efforts.

Do: Actions a Masterful Leader Must Take

Elicit Feedback: Critical feedback is absolutely essential for success. Observations and analyses will indicate how well an organization understands and can execute its Mission, Vision and Core Values. The feedback provides masterful leaders the insights needed to reinvent the organization and the careers of its employees as the business design must change to meet an ever-changing marketplace.

Eliminate Barriers: Masterful leaders understand that one of their most critical responsibilities is eliminating barriers, obstacles that prevent the organization from achieving its goals. Barriers come in many forms; they can be externally driven or just as often, internally generated.

Evolve People: Masterful leaders know that strategy, process, product, patent, venue or financial resource cannot place and maintain a company in the leadership position. People make the crucial differences that determine winners and losers. Companies whose business designs fail to remain relevant are those that fail to maximize the use of their human capital.

Expect Excellence: Human potential remains just that: potential, unless it is transformed into new skills, greater knowledge, bolder solutions, etc. Masterful leaders know that this transformation only occurs when individuals subscribe to and attain progressively higher standards of excellence.