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How do I guard against the temptation to sidetrack on easier, short-term rewards instead of pursing the difficult, long-term vision? September 2

Short-term rewards can lead to long-term disasters, especially if their pursuit sidelines a well-crafted Vision and Plan.  Too frequently we see executives taking the easy way out, shoring up quarterly performance at the expense of integrity.    

A phrase worth committing to memory and to practice: your short-term actions multiplied by time equal your long-term results. 

How can you check yourself and your actions to determine if you are losing sight of the long-term path: 

  • Ensure that the path and method you chose for pursuing your vision is based on principled values—independence in thinking, integrity, honesty, justice, productivity and pride.  Without these, you cannot make truly substantial, sustainable, and honorable progress.
  • Test your pursuits against the fundamental issue of whether or not they align with your core values, vision, and purpose.  Does it further your long-term goals, or is it merely an expedient, short-term opportunity?
  • Test the possible outcomes of your pursuits against your own gut feelings.  How would the man in the mirror reflect on these activities?
  • Search your soul.  Each of us knows, according to our own moral compass, when we have crossed the line of right and wrong.  Make it a habit to “Mind the Line”.


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