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Managing Partner | Cincinnati, Ohio

Roza S. Rojdev, PsyD

Dr. Roza S. Rojdev is the founder of Xecutive Metrix, LLC, a true pioneer in developing masterful leadership. Dr. Rojdev is especially attuned to the needs of the corporate suite for direct, no-nonsense, hands-on methods of developing leaders and high performance senior teams as well as simultaneously identifying and disengaging those who do not measure up.

Dr. Rojdev considers only a fraction of business executives to have the authentic talents required for high-performance leadership. She utilizes a unique blend of assessment and talent development techniques combined with an intense, highly personal interaction with executives. The end point is the creation of a sustainable, high achievement executive team, capable of leapfrogging any prior performance measurements.

It is precisely the unpretentious and intimate leadership discovery process in which Dr. Rojdev holds a unique expertise. Dr. Rojdev and her associates share their knowledge through intimate conversations with interested leaders, executives and boards and through seminars and workshops.

Trained as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Rojdev began her career in enhancing individual performance in 1996. Later, she established her consulting business with a vision of applying her expertise in people performance to transforming complex organizational cultures. In 2005, Dr. Rojdev joined the executive team at the Global Consulting Partnership to expand her consulting towards worldwide engagements.

Xecutive Metrix, LLC is characterized by diversity in terms of industries, geography and culture. Xecutive Metrix, LLC engagements include the most senior leaders and leadership teams in the healthcare, med-tech, manufacturing, food, distribution, gaming, air force, funeral, real estate, airline and professional service firms.

Relevant Experience

the Global Consulting Partnership, Cincinnati, OH
Advanced Organizational Performance, Cincinnati, OH 
Psychological Services, Cincinnati, OH


V.A. Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH Post-Doctoral Internship,1996
Wright State University, Dayton, OH Doctorate in Psychology, 1995
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH Master of Arts, 1991
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH Bachelor of Arts, 1989
Nursing School, Macedonia, Bachelor of Science, 1982


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