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Our sales show that we have been consistently right on target with our market. How I can keep our company relevant to the market for continued growth? April 23

What few leaders seem to appreciate is that businesses, like products, have a life cycle.  The business itself is something that was designed and built to fit the needs of a particular market. While the life cycle of a business design is significantly longer than that of a product, it is an inescapable cycle nonetheless. But, how many leaders have a department dedicated to improving the design of their business or creating a new one?

The business design encompasses the products offered, the customers & markets served, sales and marketing methods, distribution systems, and even the vision, mission and core values. It makes it implausible to create a department that could effectively manage the life cycle of a business as it plays out over decades. 

The solution is bold, but effective:  Evolve Your Employees.
Download the article for some examples of how to do just that:  

Download the Article Here


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