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I know we have developed the best new product and sales strategies within our industry, yet we aren’t capable of executing well against our competitors. What’s missing? November 4

Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage—surpassing the most elegantly crafted strategy or lofty financial superiority. Understanding culture and how to adjust it can make the difference that determines success and failure.

The question you really should be asking is: how do I create an inspiring culture with a high performance-oriented set of expectations for all managers and all employees? Our answer follows:

  • Make goals and performance expectations crystal clear for every employee in the organization.
  • Reward achievement with performance-based pay, while continually raising the bar.
  • Ensure work environments are challenging and satisfying to all your people.
  • Make candid feedback the breakfast of champions and systematically incorporate it into your performance management system.
  • Use accountability practices to complement and counter-balance your employees high-involvement practices.
  • Ensure that every employee is developed and evolving, continually.


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