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Senior Partner | Sarasota, Florida

Dennis Laphan

Dennis Laphan has devoted himself exclusively to executive consulting engagements with firms vying for leadership levels in private enterprise. 

From a career that started in sales over 35 years ago, Mr. Laphan has developed a unique pedigree in business.  From small and medium size family-owned corporations to the Fortune 500, Mr. Laphan has always left a legacy, be it with an employer or a client.   

Accomplishments range from pioneering new materials, processes and products to developing new channels or even an entirely new business.

As a successful senior leader, Mr. Laphan has developed and led a world-class product development and product marketing organization.  He is widely recognized as a product and process innovator within the industries he has served.

During his career, he was also credited with turning around a nearly bankrupt NYSE manufacturing firm in less than 18 months and increasing its market cap by more than seven fold in that time.

Relevant Experience

Forepaughs, Inc, Sarasota, FL & Cincinnati, OH
The York Group, Houston, TX
Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville, IN 


University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, Bachelor of Science, 1974


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