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Fishing for the New

How was it that early men decided that the Earth was flat? They had no real proof of it, not a single fact. Yet for centuries people believed this idea and thereby denied themselves the immense opportunities and riches that … Continue reading

Our sales show that we have been consistently right on target with our market. How I can keep our company relevant to the market for continued growth?

What few leaders seem to appreciate is that businesses, like products, have a life cycle.  The business itself is something that was designed and built to fit the needs of a particular market. While the life cycle of a business … Continue reading

Elephants Unchained

What makes a leader? And more to the point, what does elephant training have to do with “redefining leadership performance”?                                         … Continue reading

I know we have developed the best new product and sales strategies within our industry, yet we aren’t capable of executing well against our competitors. What’s missing?

Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage—surpassing the most elegantly crafted strategy or lofty financial superiority. Understanding culture and how to adjust it can make the difference that determines success and failure. The question you really should be asking is: how … Continue reading

How do I guard against the temptation to sidetrack on easier, short-term rewards instead of pursing the difficult, long-term vision?

Short-term rewards can lead to long-term disasters, especially if their pursuit sidelines a well-crafted Vision and Plan.  Too frequently we see executives taking the easy way out, shoring up quarterly performance at the expense of integrity.     A phrase worth … Continue reading

What can I do to alleviate the habit of meddling in my staff’s work?

To be masterful, a leader must be a prime mover, someone who demands and initiates original action.  Such leaders can never be content with the status quo.  It is their very dissatisfaction with the current status that excites their passion, … Continue reading

Why is it that smaller weaker competitors seem able to do many things better than we can?

The greatest resource in any company, one that dwarfs even financial strength, is the power of its people.  When employees are involved in their organization and legitimately empowered to perform, they can evolve into a powerful competitive advantage.  Because of … Continue reading