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What can I do to alleviate the habit of meddling in my staff’s work? August 1

To be masterful, a leader must be a prime mover, someone who demands and initiates original action.  Such leaders can never be content with the status quo.  It is their very dissatisfaction with the current status that excites their passion, fuels their impatience for progress and inspires their relentless motivation to drive organizational change.

Recognizing yourself as a prime mover is the first step in eliminating your need to micro-manage.  Subsequent actions you need to take to make added progress include:

  • Acknowledging and accepting that while your creative talents need output or else they remain only a theoretical possibility, the same is also true of your staff!
  • Repeatedly asking, what is the best use of your talent?
  • Making a choice, moment by moment, to focus your mental effort on work that both fits your ability and drives the vision. 
  • Reminding yourself that it is you to whom what you become matters and depends on. 

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