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Yearly Archives: 2013

What can I do to alleviate the habit of meddling in my staff’s work?

To be masterful, a leader must be a prime mover, someone who demands and initiates original action.  Such leaders can never be content with the status quo.  It is their very dissatisfaction with the current status that excites their passion, … Continue reading

Children of Heroes Scholarship

Xecutive Metrix™ LLC established the Children of Heroes Scholarship in July 2012, in honor of our clients and friends in an effort to return our gratitude to the families of the United States Armed Forces. The mission of the scholarship … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: July 2013

Effective teams need Cohesiveness; the coming together of individuals to create a team that is superior to any of its constituents. The driver is the desire of the individual to achieve a goal that they can’t singly achieve. The sustainer … Continue reading

Why is it that smaller weaker competitors seem able to do many things better than we can?

The greatest resource in any company, one that dwarfs even financial strength, is the power of its people.  When employees are involved in their organization and legitimately empowered to perform, they can evolve into a powerful competitive advantage.  Because of … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: June 2013

The first critical resource for designing and executing a Strategy are people. While the attendees should be drawn from the leadership level, you should include individuals who have an existing central role, represent a core function (like HR), have broad industry experience, … Continue reading

How do I unify hundreds or thousands of employees and compel them to follow me?

Leaders cannot force people to follow them any more than they can force people to admire them.  While leaders can force people to do tasks, they cannot force them to be successful, or to make leaders successful.  Leaders need to … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: May 2013

Succession planning is about a savvy combination of comprehensive and objective assessment followed by smart and focused development of the next generation members. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, so begin by evaluating the actual results that … Continue reading