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A way to dig deeper and get a better understanding of yourself both strengths and developmental opportunities.

Batesville Casket Company-SBUs Leadership Development Program Participant

Learn to Lead…A Workshop for You


Not unlike any asset, YOU are truly the primary resource of a company. Every leader is like an individual portfolio with a strong potential for either managed growth or sub-par performance.  So what differentiates the successful leader from the under-performing one? Successful leaders are aggressive learners. They are individuals who:

The bad news is that only about 10% of us are by nature agile learners. The good news, though, is that much of what it takes to be an aggressive learner is coachable. So, start protecting yourself against downside risk by attending our workshop. 

How It Works...

The Learn to Lead workshop is built on principles of adult learning theory and action learning theory. A certain structure and regimen are built into the delivery, but the process is anything but linear. The following components are foundational and core to our design’s strength.

ASSESSMENT & FEEDBACK: Every participant receives a rigorous leadership assessment that creates a proactive “data mirror,” and thus creates a compelling wake-up call and a personal call to action.

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL & REFINING ATTITUDES: Xecutive Metrix uses a powerful motivational design to harness each participant’s own reservoir of untapped potential. And, because attitudes drive behavior, emphasis is placed on cultivating personal ownership and initiative as the drivers of individual efficacy.

MULTIPLIED THINKING & OPTIMIZED TEAMING SKILLS: Penetrating questions from workshop colleagues generate innovative thinking, creative yet practical solutions, and enhanced learning.

READY? AND…ACTION!: It’s all about tackling real problems and challenges: Participants confront work-related issues and deal with significant real-world challenges in real-time.

STRATEGIC & SYNERGETIC OBJECTIVES: Participants discover the fundamental synergy between personal and professional goal setting, each being mutually interdependent and enhancing of the other. Our results-oriented methodology Blueprint for Action TM emphasizes using strengths to modify weaknesses. 

Xecutive Metrix will help you Learn to Lead by increasing your leadership-driven self-awareness and working side-by-side with you to create a personal and customized leadership action plan for success.

Workshop Outcomes


  • Personality based Leadership Assessment
  • Explore and understand the characteristics that make successful leaders
  • Comprehend the role of leadership power and how to effectively use it
  • Understand and develop a personal vision and learn ways to follow it through
  • Discover the tools for managing leadership change effectively
  • Learn to teach strategies for leading people to work together effectively as a team
  • A personal leadership development plan to put into action immediately



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